Geisha, She loves without loving


A master at her arts of teasing…
and pleasing.
She loves without loving;
Waiting to be called to become themysterious consort again.
Learning to gain her pleasure through others.
the unattached concubine masking her
emotions to say what the other needs to hear.
Controlling the circumstance with submission.
sending the bodies she touches into sweet convulsions.
Pleasing the mind as well as the body.
Provoking profound thoughts with simple words.
Providing a ear to listen,
not just the lips to whisper into one.
Gracefully, fluidly dancing
to distract one from his troubles.
Singing smooth melodies,
the notes linger in the air like her
enticing fragrance.

(7th July 2004)
Carrie Goodwin

looking for something
kipas andalan

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